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What is the secret to having a good truck?

Adhering to a good “PM” preventative maintenance program is the key. Even if your truck driver training program is working well, from time to time it too needs a tune up. Our goal is not to tell you how to run your school, but how to keep it running smoothly and in compliance with new FMCSA- ELDT mandates that go in effect effective February 7th 2020.

  • Does your program meet all the mandatory Theory Subjects?
  • Basic Operation
  • Safe Operating Procedures
  • Advance Operating Practices
  • Non Vehicle Activities
  • Are you paying costly membership fees for curriculum guidance that is not required and holds no additional value to your graduates?
  • Do you have to reapply for your certification and prepare for annoying audits to police your own program?
  • Are your student assessment records immediately available within a couple clicks on your computer and do they reflect that your students are successfully excelling at 80% proficiency?
  • Does your program allow students to work at their own pace with excellent narration?
  • Does your program provide a technical and curriculum support system from actual industry experts?
  • Does your program reduce instruction costs in classroom, allowing for more time for skills training instruction?
  • Is your current curriculum provider available to assist you in customizing your personalized online platform?

If you had to stop and think about any of these questions, we would be honored to assist you!
Shift into gear and get on board for your tune-up! Keep your program running smoothly and maintain a good PM program by implementing Bumper To Bumper EasyCDL Online program.

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